Gardens, Plants & Grounds

 The Gardens at Yew Dell offer a delightful place to spend a day, an excellent place to

learn new plants and provide an opportunity to check out design details for your own garden. The gardens range from formal to informal and contain everything from trees to shrubs, annuals and perennials and everything else you can imagine. And while variety is the consistent theme, the one thing you can always count on is that there is always something blooming at Yew Dell - 12 months of the year.

But Yew Dell's gardens also support our ongoing research aimed at finding the best new plants for regional gardens. Each plant in our gardens is evaluated for performance. And when we find a new winner, we work with local industry members to get the plant into production . . . and eventually into area garden centers. We're always on the lookout for pest-resistant, attractive and well-adapted plants for our gardens and for yours.

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Our Plant Collections 

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens is committed to offering the best the plant world has to offer for the nursery and garden. Through aggressive efforts in plant collection, new plant development, evaluation and display, Yew Dell works to provide the best information and plants for your garden.

With more than 12,000 plants in our collections, you'll find something for just about every garden use. Some of our signature collections include hydrangea, European beech, redbud, Lenten rose, viburnum, magnolia and dogwood just to name a few. We label all our plants with both botanical and common name so you'll know what to ask for when you see something you like. We also offer a year-long slate of plant walks and classes to help you learn all you want to know about garden plants.

Follow the links below to learn more about our local and international plant collecting activities, our evaluation research projects, new plant development, plant promotion through the Theodore Klein Plant Awards program, our partnerships and conservation work.

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Plant Resources

The following information list will be expanded over time and is designed to offer suggestions, support and advice for anyone looking to design, plant and manage gardens and landscapes.

Tree Planting Resources

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Yew Dell's Historic and Award-Winning Architecture
All designed and crafted by Theodore Klein, the original creative genius behind Yew Dell, the house, castle and other buildings served as residence and supported both farm and nursery operations. Cotswold's-styled field-stone construction is found in the buildings and walls throughout the grounds.

New structures added since the founding of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, have continued the commitment to design excellence and innovation. A partnership with Louisville's deLeon & Primmer Architecture Workshop has brought contemporary award-winning architecture to complement the original historic buildings.

Natural areas and Hiking Trails

With more than a mile of hiking trails, 3 ponds and wildlife galore, this is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon . . . out of the garden! Most of what is now Yew Dell's natural areas was productive pasture and farm fields during the heyday  of the Klein farm and nursery. The ponds, all built by Klein, were built to provide water for farm animals. What you see today is the result of some 30+ years of regrowth after Klein stopped grazing livestock on the fields. You can still see signs of that past activity in the form of old fences and common fence-row plants such as Eastern Red Cedar.

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