Children in the Dell

Children in the Dell

Our Children in the Dell virtual sessions are fun to watch all year long!
We will continue to add videos to our archive so check back frequently to learn something new.

Children in the Dell – Sensory Garden

Originally aired August 1, 2020
Our last episode of our 2020 virtual Children in the Dell summer series is now up on our YouTube Channel! Kylie, our wonderful summer intern, takes us on a tour of the sensory garden, located in the family garden area behind the log cabin. Kylie shows us how to properly interact with these plants that entice the sense of touch, smell, sight and sound. With all the stimulation in the world, plants can calm our senses and help us find peace!

Children in the Dell – Fairy Forest and Fairy Wand

Originally aired July 25, 2020
Miss Ashlee demonstrates how to make a Fairy Wand, then we explore the Fairy Forest.

Children in the Dell – Five Sense Nature Walk

Originally aired July 18, 2020
Miss Ashlee takes us on a walk through the gardens and identifies how we could be using our five senses.

Children in the Dell – Animal Workout and Craft

Originally aired July 11, 2020
Miss Ashlee will have you hopping like a frog, waddling like a duck, and slithering like a snake in this fun animal workout!

Children in the Dell – Red, White and Blue

Originally aired July 4, 2020
In celebration of Fourth of July, Miss Ashlee shares a fireworks-inspired craft. We also take a walk through the gardens looking for red, white, and blue, and flowers that look like fireworks.

Children in the Dell – Sound Garden and Musical Instruments

Originally aired June 27, 2020
Miss Susan introduces us to the musical instruments in the Arboretum Sound Garden, and we make our own instruments from recycled and repurposed materials.

Children in the Dell – Midsummer’s Eve and Maypole

Originally aired June 20, 2020
Miss Jo meets us in the Fairy Forest to tell us about Midsummer’s Eve, a very special holiday for Fairies! We also learn how to make a Maypole so that the Fairies can celebrate with a dance. Click here to access video.

Children in the Dell – Nature’s Treasure Box

Originally aired June 13, 2020
Miss Ashlee leads viewers on a walk around Yew Dell’s gardens while looking for treasures that have fallen on the ground, like leaves and flower petals. She reminds us to not pull anything off live plants or trees.

Children in the Dell – Bird Watching Video

Originally aired June 6, 2020
Join Miss Ashlee in the gardens for an introduction to birds both common – and rare – in our backyards. We will also make a binocular craft from repurposed materials.