Fall Plant Sale 2018

Botanical Name Common Name Limited Supply Description
Trees and Shrubs
Abelia chinensis Abelia ‘Ruby Anniversary’ Deep red new foliage sets the stage for an entire summer and early fall of delicate pink trumpet flowers Attracts butterflies and hummers.
Abelia mosanensis Korean Abelia X Beautiful, fragrant, spring blooming abelia. White and pink flowers open soon after the leaves emerge in April.  Very Fragrant
Acer caripinifolium Hornbeam Maple X Unusual medium sized tree with dark green summer leaves, brick red fall color and indestructible constitution.
Albizia julibrissin Mimosa ‘Summer Chocolate’ An ultimate texture plant in the garden.  Deep purple, very fine textured leaves really put this plant in its own class.  Cut back in the winter to control size if desired.  Would make a beautiful mass planting.  Can reach 30+ feet tall
Callicarpa dichotoma Beauty Berry ‘Issai’ A small sized shrub reaching upwards of 4 feet.  At leaf drop in the fall cascading branches completely covered in shiny violet fruit are revealed.  A standout shrub in the fall landscape!
Callicarpa dichotoma Beauty Berry ‘Purple Pearls’ Similar to ‘Issai’ except for darker greenish purple foliage during the summer and a mature height up to 5 feet.
Calycanthus floridus Sweet Shrub ‘Burgundy Spice’ X Deep burgundy leaves throughout the summer! Fall foliage with shades of amber and yellow.
Carpinus betulus European Hornbeam ‘Columnaris Nana’ X Super cool dwarf upright hornbeam – best in sun or light shade.
Caryopteris x clandonensis Bluebeard ‘Grand Bleu’ X Showy fragrant flowers attract butterflies.  Easy to grow in well drained soils.
Cercis canadensis Redbud ‘Alley Cat’ Selected by Louisville’s Allen Bush for brilliant white variegation. One of our favorite variegated redbuds. Typical rose/pink spring blooms and yellow fall color.
Cercis canadensis Redbud ‘Alley Cat’ Selected by Louisville’s Allen Bush for brilliant white variegation. One of our favorite variegated redbuds. Typical rose/pink spring blooms and yellow fall color.
Chaenomeles speciosa Flowering Quince ‘Scarlet Storm’ A deep red, double bloom Quince.  Blooming on old wood in the spring this would be a good candidate to be cut to 1-2 feet from the ground following flowering  this would keep a nice sized specimen year to year.  Left unpruned it can reach to around 5 feet tall.
Clethera alnifolia Dwarf Summersweet ‘Sixteen Candles’ X Compact Mike Dirr selection – heavy-flowering, fragrant, and covered with deep green foliage in summer. Yellow fall color.
Clethera alnifolia Summersweet ‘Einstein’ X Compact summer bloomer with huge masses of white, fragrant flower spikes up to 12″ in length. Bright yellow fall color. Best in full sun or light shade with evenly moist soils.
Cotinus coggygria Smokebush ‘Winecraft Black’ One of the darkest burgundy foliaged smokebushes on the market with a semi-dwarf growth habit. Holds excellent foliage color all summer long. Resistant to deer.
Cotinus coggygria Smokebush ‘Royal Purple’ “Smoketree” tolerant of deer, drought, and clay soil.  The showy flower display starts as purplish puffs followed by small yellow flowers.  Good fall color.
Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Cedar ‘Yoshino’ Simply the best of the best – ‘Yoshino’ is a full sized cryptomeria to about 60′ tall with a clean, conical shape and dependable evergreen foliage. It is the most cold hardy of all the cryptomeria forms on the market today. Best for full sun.
Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Cedar ‘Yoshino’ Simply the best of the best – ‘Yoshino’ is a full sized cryptomeria to about 60′ tall with a clean, conical shape and dependable evergreen foliage. It is the most cold hardy of all the cryptomeria forms on the market today. Best for full sun.
Gymnocladus dioicus Kentucky Coffee Tree Our native coffee tree that grows to 60′ tall with a sculptural, open branching habit, blue-green summer leaves and unique flaking grey bark. Stunning yellow fall color. Extremely durable and long lived.
Heptacodium miconioides Seven Son Flower Large shrub to 15-20′ tall with bright cream bark, clean summer foliage and fall blooms of white fading to red. Tough as nails!
Hydrangea arborescens Smooth Leaf Hydrangea ‘Invincibelle II’ The best of the pink forms of our native Hydrangea species. A huge improvement over the original Invincibelle Spirit.
Hydrangea paniculata Panicle Hydrangea ‘Fire Light’ Compact shrub with dense masses of white/pink blooms. Stunning in the summer garden.
Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf hydrangea ‘Snowflake’ A double flowered oakleaf that is covered with white blooms that fade to pink over several weeks.
Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf hydrangea ‘Shannon’ X A double flowered oakleaf similar to Snowflake but this one was a selection made my Theodore Klein.  When this hydrangea is in bloom at the entrance to the arboretum at Yew Dell the compliments from guests are frequent.  Located under the Cut Leaf European Beach this plant is a must see at the garden.
Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf Hydrangea ‘Ruby Slippers’ The very best form originating from the USDA breeding station in McMinnville, TN. Compact growth with rosy blooms!
Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf Hydrangea ‘Little Honey’ We never have enough so get here early! Compact oakleaf hydrangea with brilliant yellow-gold foliage. Great for filtered light but will take full sun if given adequate moisture.
Ilex opaca Holly ‘Maryland Dwarf’ X Grafted mound-form variant of our native American holly. Makes an outstanding specimen in any garden.
Leptodermis oblonga Leptodermis Unusual and tough-as-nails shrub with spring/summer blooms of lavender. Long bloom season, tough constitution and easy culture. A winner all around!
Morus alba Dwarf Mulberry ‘Nana’ X Cool little dwarf, non-fruiting/flowering mulberry. Excellent in a container or as a small specimen. 10-year-old plant 2′ x 2′! Did we say “cool”!?
Nyssa sylvatica Blackgum ‘Wildfire’ X An improvement on our native black gum. New foliage is bright red – just like the fall color. Very vigorous selection.
Nandina domestica Blush Pink Heavenly Bamboo Truly amazing color on this dwarf Nandina that reaches 2 feet in height.  A deep pink/purple new growth covers the plant.  Want the size and purpose of a boxwood shrub but not the boxwood?  This is your answer.
Osmanthus heterophyllus Sweet Olive ‘Goshiki’ X Dense, compact evergreen with glossy dark green leaves splashed with white variegation. Great as a specimen or a small hedge.
Philadelphus lewisii Mock Orange ‘Snowbelle’ 4′ deciduous shrub for full sun or light shade – produces masses of white, fragrant flowers in late spring. Fabulous!
Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark ‘Festive Gold’ Bombproof gold foliage on a shrub up to about 4′ or so with an arching growth form. Early summer flowers are creamy white and offer pink tones in the fruit as they age.
Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark ‘Tiny Wine’ Great little burgundy-leafed shrub for the front of the border or in mixed containers. It grows in just about any soil and rewards with deep colored foliage all summer long.
Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark ‘Summer Wine’ X The best of the full-sized, burgundy leafed ninebarks. More densely branched than ‘Diablo’. A very vigorous grower to 6′ tall and wide. Good candidate for annual cut back treatment.
Salix gracilistyla Pussy Willow ‘Mt. Asama’ A pink pussy willow! What more do you need to know?
Salix gracilistyla Pussy Willow ‘Winter Glory’ Huge silvery pussy willows on plants that grow to about 6′ tall. Excellent as a cut stem or in mixed borders. Deer resistant! Great for any average to wet soil.
Salix integra Dappled Willow Stunning large shrub with multicolored leaves of green, white and pink. Best grown as a cut back shrub for best color through the growing season.
Salix repens Creeping Willow An awesome plant that can be found growing in front of the Gheen’s Barn at Yew Dell.  This 2 foot tall willow has soft, silver foliage creates a tall ground cover.  It looks amazing next to the purple foliage of a smokebush!
Weigela florida Weigela ‘Sonic Bloom’ Another amazing weigela with compact growth (3′ x 3′), deep green leaves and flowers that open white and fade to pink. Reblooms more than most weigelas. Plant in full sun or part shade.
Weigela florida Weigela ‘Shining Sensation’ X A taller 5-6 foot shrub with the burgundy foliage similar to ‘Spilled Wine’ that is contrasted with bright pink flowers in the spring.  Breaks up the ever present green of the landscape.
Weigela florida Weigela ‘Spilled Wine’ One of the more compact of the new weigelas – 24″ tall and 36″ wide – leaves are merlot-burgundy colored with brilliant rose blooms. Shows best leaf color and bloom in full sun. Stunner
Weigela praecox Weigela ‘April Snow’ Easy to grow in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun.  Attracts Hummingbirds!
Weigela subsessilis Weigela ‘Canary’ X Beautiful spring blooming shrub to 4′ tall  and wide. Bronzy new foliage followed by pale yellow flowers. Great for full sun or light shade. Easy to grow and hard to find.
Ajuga reptans Bugleweed ‘Binblasca’ A fantastic groundcover in the shade and even tolerant to Walnut trees. This cultivar has deep purple foliage and stays low to the ground.  The deeper the shade the less purple this plant will be.
Ajuga reptans Bugleweed ‘Catlin’s Giant’ Another walnut tolerant plant but more robust than ‘Binblasca’.  The large leaves of this plant are green with hints of purple and bronze.  The plant reaches nearly 6″ tall and the bloom spikes in May and June can reach nearly 1 foot tall.
Amsonia hubrichtii Blue Star Amazing sun perennial with super fine, thread-like foliage that grows to about 3′ tall and wide. Delicate blue flowers in May.
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed Butterfly weed.  Tolerates deer, dry conditions, shallow rocky soil
Athyrium filix-femina var. angustum Lady Fern ‘Lady in Red’ An upright fern reaching to 3′ tall.  Fine textured fronds on bright red rachis (fern stems).  A great addition to any shade garden and contrasts very well with the bold leaves of hostas.
Athyrium niponicum Japanese Painted Fern ‘Ghost’ One of our top garden ferns. Vigorous upright masses of light green to gray/green fronds for the shade garden. A clumper rather than creeper making it better behaved in the garden. We wouldn’t be without this one in any shade garden.
Athyrium niponicum var. pictum Japanese Painted Fern A garden classic! Mounding fern to 18-24″ provides great color in the shade with its purple and greens and whites intermingled on the fronds.
Carex siderosticha Sedge ‘Island Brocade’ A hardy garden plant for those poor soils in the shade.  Broad leaves of green and white variegation to about 6″ tall.  The better the soil the more prolific of a spreader.
Chrysanthemum Garden Mum ‘Hillside Pink Sheffield’ Not your Kroger mum!  These truly hardy perennials add a much needed splash of color in the fall landscape.  Paired with asters and goldenrods they can make a garden just as beautiful in color as one would expect in a spring garden.
Chrysanthemum Garden Mum ‘Single Apricot’ Another truly hardy garden mum that will impress in the garden and naturalize in a nice mass. Great fragrance when blooming and attracts tons of bees.
Cystopteris bulbifera Bulblet Fern X Cool native fern to about 2′ tall that forms unique little bulblets on the underside of the pinnae (leaflets) that can drop off and germinate to grow a new fern. Unique specialty for the shade garden.
Dryopteris filix-mas Narrow Male Fern ‘Barnesii’ X Stately 3-4′ upright fern with narrow fronds and a slightly frilly texture. Superior native accent fern where you need some height.
Hakonechloa macra Japanese Forest Grass ‘All Gold’ A perfect addition to a shade garden.  This bright, chartreuse ornamental grass can be found around the gardens at Yew Dell.  It grows around the sundial in the Secret Garden and under the weeping Hornbeams in front of the glass house.  Once established this plant makes 18″ mounds of cascading foliage.  A must see in the garden.
Hemerocallis Hemerocallis ‘UFO’ A medium size daylily blooming at around 2 feet.  Yellow center with lavender and pink strap like petals.  A nice daylily to drop into a perennial border to add an extra burst of color in late spring to early summer.
Helleborus Hellebore ‘Mango Magic’ Truly unique multi-color hellebore with shades of yellow, rose and apricot (ok . . . mango!)  Like all hellebores – deer resistant and long lived
Helleborus Hellebore ‘Ballerina Ruffles’ X Stunning double pink/rose hellebore that blooms winter and early spring. Best in shade or filtered light. Like all hellebores – deer resistant and long lived
Helleborus Hellebore ‘Wedding Ruffles’ Stunning double white hellebore that blooms winter and early spring. Best in shade or filtered light. Like all hellebores – deer resistant and long lived.
Helleborus Hellebore ‘Fluffy Ruffles’ X Stunning double flowers in a mix of shades from white to yellow, pink and deep wine.  Like all hellebores – deer resistant and long lived
Heuchera Heuchera ‘Obsidian’ X Quite simply the darkest colored foliage available in coral bells. Deep burgundy foliage with a distinct gloss. Full sun garden or containers.
Hosta Hosta ‘Sweetheart’ Loved by gardeners and deer alike hostas are a good bet for a shade garden not visited by our 4 legged antlered friends.  This blue/green hosta is a small to medium grower up to 12″
Hosta Hosta ‘Lemon Lime’ A great little hosta that will spread.  6-8″ tall the chartreuse foliage of this hosta will brighten up the darker areas of the garden.
Hosta Hosta ‘Golden Tiara’ Another excellent dwarf hosta growing up to 8″ with a green and yellow variegated foliage.
Hosta Hosta ‘Diamond Tiara’ A sister to ‘Golden Tiara’ except a green and white variegated foliage.  A mass planting of both sisters would be a great addition to the shade garden.
Hosta Hosta ‘Ice Cream’ You scream, I scream.  Planted underneath a few raspberry brambles and ‘Chocolate Summer’ Mimosas it makes a great sundae.  Small to medium sized Hosta growing to around 12″.  Soft green leaf with a margin of yellow.
Kalimeris yomena Japanese Aster ‘Variegata’ Tough, mounded sun perennial with blue daisy flowers and cream/green variegated foliage.
Liatris pycnostachya Prarie Blazing Star ‘Eureka’ One of the tallest Liatris and native to the Eastern U.S.  This full sun, prairie plant can reach upwards of 4-5′ tall and shows off with purple flower spikes that can be 20″ long.
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides Plumbago Classic perennial groundcover to about 8″ tall that spreads slowly. Blue flowers last much of the summer. Great for full sun or light shade.
Symphiotrichum laeve Smooth Aster ‘Bluebird’ Outstanding native aster that grows upright to about 3′ tall with good quality foliage all summer long and late season blue flowers.
Symphiotrichum oblongifolium Aromatic Aster ‘October Skies’ Aromatic, native aster.  Easy to grow in dry to medium soil in full sun. Forms a dense mound of fine foliage that is covered with pale blue flowers in fall.
Tricyrtis Toad Lily ‘Blackberry Mousse’ A beast of a grower to almost 4′ tall with great vigor.  This hybrid of unknown parentage produces flowers of deep purple flecked white all along the stems.
Chionodoxa forbesii Glory of the Snow After a long hard winter every gardener is itching for that first flower of the season.  This small flowering bulb can add color to the awakening garden in mid March.  Purple flowers with a white center that will spread and naturalize an area!
Eranthis hyemalis Winter Aconite Another extremely early garden bloomer.  Expect this to bloom as early as Valentine’s day and liven up the garden.  3-4″ plants at maturity are topped with bright yellow flowers.  A must have to calm the winter blues.
Tulipa Double Prinses Irene Tulip A late blooming orange tulip.  Not only is the flower double with reddish/purple flames it is also fragrant!  A great candidate for planting in large outdoor containers during the fall for a burst of color in the spring.
Aloe vera Aloe Say “aloe” to your new favorite succulent. Growing wild in tropical climates around the world, aloe does best in well-drained soil with bright light.
Crassula ovata Jade A low maintenance succulent that is also thought to be a symbol of good luck in some cultures.
Crassula perforata String of Buttons A fairly fast growing succulent with triangular leaves stacked on top of each other, creating a kaleidoscope effect.
Echeveria Echeveria ‘The Rose’ Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet? Well, it may not smell like a rose, but this succulent sure does look like one.
Epiphyllum oxypetalum Night Blooming Cereus X A plant world enigma. This cactus has a showy white bloom that only opens at night.
Kalanchoe orqualis X Sometimes known as Copper Spoons, this succulent has unique oval shaped leaves with brown, dense hairs covering them.
Kalanchoe tomentosa Panda Plant A panda in plant form. This adorable succulent has leaves that are covered in dense silver and brown hairs.
Manfreda x Mangave ‘Bloodspot’ A compact succulent growing in a rosette with speckles of maroon.
Selenicereus anthonyanus Zig Zag Cactus I zig, you zag! This cactus has unusual stems and a beautiful pink flower that only opens at night.
Senecio mandraliscae Blue Chalk Sticks You may be tempted to write out your ABC’s with this plant, but it doesn’t actually work like chalk. It just looks like it.
Senecio radicans Fish Hooks Gone fishin’! This unique trailing succulent won’t catch you a bass, but it does make a great hanging houseplant.
Senecio rowleyanus String of Pearls No oysters necessary. This trailing succulent resembles a pearl necklace and makes a wonderful hanging houseplant.