Theodore Klein Plant Awards

Theodore Klein Plant Awards

This program promotes superior woody and herbaceous plants for Kentucky landscapes. Named for one of the patriarchs of the Kentucky nursery industry, the program names each year plants that offer excellent ornamental and performance characteristics in the Kentucky climate. Award winners are selected each year by a panel of plant professionals representing Yew Dell, the Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association, University of Kentucky Landscape and Nursery program, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

You can review all the Klein Award winners by CLICKING HERE.

‘Ghost’ Lady Fern (Athyrium hybrid)

A vigorous, clumping fern with gracefully upright arching fronds in a light grey/green. Works best in filtered light to medium shade in any reasonable soil. Works well in the garden as a single specimen or in large masses.

‘Dark Towers’ Beardtongue (Penstemon hybrid)

This burgundy foliaged selection grows to 2-3’ tall and bears white blooms on straight, erect stems in summer. It works best in full sun in most soils and is quite drought tolerant. Excellent pollinator plant.

‘Ogon’ Thunberg Spiraea (Spiraea thunbergii)

A gold foliaged spin on a classic shrub. Growing to 5’ tall and 6’ wide with delicately textured, soft yellow leaves, it works great in full sun to light shade and most soils. Tiny white flowers cover the stems in early spring. Deer resistant.

EverColor® Series Sedge Selections (Carex oshimensis)

Growing to 10-16” tall and wide with arching, grass-like foliage, this series of evergreen sedges can be used in full sun to part shade and both in garden beds and containers. Glossy foliage varies from deep green to gold and variegated forms come in combinations of green, yellow and white providing designers a wide range of options. Highly resistant to deer browse.

Invincibelle® Spirit II Smooth Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens)

A wonderful, deep pink flowered form of our Kentucky native hydrangea. Flowers on new growth so it blooms even after winter pruning. Excellent 3’ tall option for full sun or light shade and most soils.

Kindred Spirit® Oak (Quercus ‘Nadler’)

One of the best of the columnar oak hybrids. Growing to 60’ tall, this hybrid of English Oak and Swamp White Oak is adaptable to many soils, rapid growing and highly resistant to powdery mildew that bothers some other columnar oaks.