Visitor Guidelines

What ''Yew'' Should Know

  • No Smoking – Yew Dell is a smoke-free environment.
  • Garden Etiquette – Please avoid walking in garden beds and climbing trees. Please do not pick flowers, leaves or seeds from plants.
  • Pets – We love our furry friends and welcome them to the gardens on designated days and times. Please visit the Calendar or call for a current schedule. Service animals are always welcome.
  • Tours – We welcome scheduled group tours. Please call us or click here to schedule yours today!
  • Photography –Yew Dell Botanical Gardens welcomes photographers to capture the natural beauty of Yew Dell. In order to maintain the integrity and beauty of our grounds, we have set forth the following policies. These policies apply to any photographer on any level bringing in: tripods, reflectors, lighting, props or staging materials, or any other equipment other than a hand-held camera, or any photographer who financially profits from their photo sessions in the gardens. Click here for a link to our photo policy.
  • Picnics – Please leave any area you visit for a picnic the way you found it. Garbage cans are located near the Visitors Center and the Rock House.